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Royal Spanish Center Lasik Eye Cosmetics

The Royal Spanish Center Lasik Eye Cosmetics was founded in 2008 under the supervision of Dr. Tamer Salem. Spanish Center’s purpose is providing the best patient care and expertise in the field of laser vision correction, Eye Care, and other eye disorders. Royal Spanish Center Lasik Eye Cosmetics Responsibility is to provide our patients with a strong understanding coupled with proper education, allowing them to come to an informed decision.The commitment of Royal Spanish Center Lasik Eye Cosmetics is the detailed needs of each and every patient as an individual; we see our future through your eyes.At Spanish Center, we believe that the success of everything is based on embracing the values and sticking to principles. It comes along with professionalism, developing, and seeking perfection. At Spanish Center, we see our patients as members of our big family, and from the very beginning, we made a promise to do whatever it takes to protect our family, help them, and give them what they need in order to make their lives even better.


Lasik Procedures
• Vision Correction
• Lasik Vision Correction
• OptiLasik
• SBK Lasik
• Blade-free IntraLASIK
• IntraLASIK HD: “Custom LASIK”
• Laser/PRK: “Photorefractive Keratectomy”
• PresbyLASIK

Other Procedures
• (ICL) Visian ICL
• Cataract Surgery
• Keratoconus
• Diabetic Eye Care (Diabetic Retinopathy)
• Glaucoma Treatment


Dr. Tamer Salem

Specialist Lasik Surgeon

Dr. Jose Ramon Hueso Abancens, MD, Ph.D

Professor Dr. Ayman shouman

Dr. Juan

Dr. Fernando

Dr Wael Roumiah


Dr Hanan Fayed

Specialist of Ophthalmology


Dr Robika Jebril, Optometrist

Dr Rindala El Doueihy, Optometrist


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